M.I.A @ the Edition Hotel

Technology has liberated an entire generation of thinkers, movers, creators,” painter Kehinde Wiley says as his modernized visions of classical portraits flow past one another. “What we have now is a communication ability. We have the ability to see working ideas that are going on in the great cities throughout the world, and whether you live in Shanghai or you live in Sao Paolo, you have the ability of seeing and knowing the ideas of some of the greatest minds of our generation.”

Wiley joins dozens of visionaries including Francis Ford Coppola, MIA, Ed Ruscha, Susan Sarandon, Frank Gehry, David Hockney, Daniel Arsham, Miranda July, Jonas Akerlund, Simon de Pury, and others interviewed by directors Pablo Ganguli and Tomas Auksas for Artistry / Technology, a new documentary that explores the relationship between art and technology, and how technology has had an impact on the lives of the world’s greatest artists and creatives. The intimate documentary debuts in full on March 30, 2015, but today The Creators Project premieres a 13-minute short version, created by multimedia and cultural organization, Liberatum, and presented by Swire Properties.