At Claridge’s, the luxury hotel, they don’t serve chicken soup: It’s chicken elixir, and it can take three days for the chefs to make.

For this holiday season, however, the hotel’s executive chef, Martyn Nail, and his co-author, the food writer Meredith Erickson, are explaining how to do it at home in a lot less time. “Claridge’s, The Cookbook” is stuffed with the favorite recipes of the rich and famous, as well as lovely vignettes of the hotel’s 161-year history and peeks inside its celebrity-studded parties. (Published by Mitchell Beazley, $33.)

In the introduction, Ms. Erickson compares today’s hotel kitchen to “a steamship on full throttle,” and confesses that the book project grew out of her early unsuccessful effort to snag the recipe for its classic chicken pie, now described as the hotel’s “most popular dish.” (No. 2 is lobster risotto, and yes, the recipe is included.)

Other recipes range from the basics with a luxury twist (a leftover-roast-beef sandwich with Bordelaise butter and crispy shallots) to wedding-worthy main courses (roasted partridge breast with a sauce of Madeira wine and fresh Périgord truffles) and nostalgic desserts (a British Bakewell tart with a Marco Polo tea gelée).