Jared Leto keeps it cool as he sits down onstage to speak at the D.Luxe Conference presented by WSJ. Magazine held at The Montage Laguna Beach on Wednesday (October 18) in Laguna Beach, Calif.

“I’ve always been entrepreneurial ever since I sold dope as a kid. I’m sure I’m not the only one,” the 45-year-old Oscar-winning actor expressed at his panel. “I hate wasting time. I’m obsessed with efficiency. I’ve been practicing saying no—even things that are opportunities. Opportunity cost is a real thing.”

“I love to work. I don’t do dinners, I don’t do lunches, I don’t do breakfasts. I just fucking work,” Jared continued. “That’s what I love to do, because I love to make things and share them with the world… and I do not take it for granted for one second.”

Also attending panels at the conference was Cindy Crawford and Scooter Braun.
— justjared