“For me the Mob Hotel vision is something between jeans and pizza. You can find jeans for a billionaire or for a worker, and there is no social affront. Pizza is the same: It is for before the football match or for the billionaire in Italy who wants something completely fantastic.”
— Cyril Aouizerate, Mob Founder

Introducing Cyril Aouizerate, who is set to redefine the lifestyle hotel game with new concept he describes as "a movement", and which appears to be founded around progressive and millennial values.  

Mob's mission, is to create affordable, social, intellectually stimulating, fun hotel experiences and just like traditional lifestyle hotels, Mob promises to create a hub for the local creative communities.  

Following on the heels of Paris and Lyon, Washington D.C will be the first U.S Mob hotel.  Each location is focused on creating dynamic spaces with energy, activity and experience at its core.   Alongside the usual, hip lounge areas, coworking and coffee spots, they are promising outdoor social spaces with a movie screen and quirky bike/skateboard repair station (move over Ace Hotels!).

The Mob encompasses an open environment designed for continuous movement with its bar-restaurant, organic produce from cooperatives, food trucks and well-tended gardens, and even a well-equipped space to relax before check-in and after check-out if you are finding it hard to leave.

Entertainment spaces include an outdoor cinema and a live stage. Activities from meditation to cookery, music to books and film to workshops all aim to create lasting memories and a community vibe between guests and locals. Each hotel will have a huge garden and a rooftop, and preferably rooms with terraces.

The rooms are designed to be warm and welcoming with beds worthy of a luxury hotel. Wi-Fi is free and rooms are surrounded by terraced gardens.  What's not to love.....?  Check-in here.

By Jake Thompson