It was getting toward 11 p.m. in Williamsburg on Tuesday night, and Fergie, who was decked out in black lacy Rodarte that showed off her immaculately toned abs, was working her angles. An explosion of flashes was coming from the corner of the rooftop terrace of the Wythe Hotel where she’d just grabbed two lit tea candles to hold up and sandwich her face for a photographer—her next pose after grabbing onto a thick metal heating pole, with the skyline of Manhattan artfully behind her in the background.

The scene was a perfect illustration of one of the life lessons she’s learned recently: “It’s about living in this moment and enjoying it,” she told me a couple of hours earlier and a handful of floors lower in the hotel, tucked away past its screening room in the basement, which she’d just been waxing poetic about. “I got here today, came straight from rehearsal, and was just taking in just being in Brooklyn. Now I’m like Wow, I’m really having this viewing, in Brooklyn,” she said enthusiastically, gesturing to the surrounding walls. “I’m just taking it all in with the brick. It feels very much that it has history.”

Few but a very green tourist would take such delight in prime Williamsburg these days, but if anyone has the right to positively glow with unbridled enthusiasm, it’s Fergie. (And not just because she was finally getting to have some fun after announcing her split from Josh Duhamel, her husband of eight years.) She was about to debut the first official screening of her visual album Double Dutchess: Seeing Double, which comes out on her newly founded record label on Friday, marking her second solo album since she split from the Black Eyed Peas to release The Dutchess—and of course, songs like “Fergalicious”—over a decade ago, in 2006.
— W Magazine