Alice + Olivia’s CEO and creative director, Stacey Bendet, orchestrated a multi-room set that showcased a focused collection of bucolic dresses and party-ready separates. Inspired by the Chelsea Hotel and all its creative occupants, she enlisted the talents of nine artists (all of whom are friends of hers) to design eight distinct spaces that served as the backdrop of her line.

How Alice + Olivia’s Stacey Bendet Brought the Chelsea Hotel to New York Fashion WeekBFA
Models at the Alice + Olivia Spring 2018 presentation.

“I wanted to create what would have been the Chelsea Hotel today, with all female residents,” Bendet explained with the utmost patience as a swarm of photographers surrounded her. “My friend Lola Schnabel actually lived at the Chelsea Hotel, and I started talking to her about what it was like. Then I did some more research and invited eight other artists, who would have lived there today, to design what their rooms would be for the show.”

Along with Schnabel, the other notable names included Scout and Tallulah Willis, Jemima Kirke, Lucy Sparrow, Blair Breitenstein, Susie Lopez, Angelica Hicks and Francesca DiMattio. Each took different quarters found in model homes (kitchen, dinette, bedroom, living room, foyer, bathroom—along with an art and music studio), and put their own artfully-inclined spin on it.

“I did these pillows, had a neon sign and wall vases made, and wrote a block of text that became the wallpaper,” said Tallulah Willis, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, who is an illustrator in her own right. “I was so honored to be asked to be included in something that was based around female artists, giving them the opportunity to really ride with whatever they wanted to do.”

How Alice + Olivia’s Stacey Bendet Brought the Chelsea Hotel to New York Fashion WeekBFA
Stacey Bendet, Scout Willis, Tallulah Willis and Demi Moore at the Alice + Olivia Spring 2018 presentation.

She was standing next to her sister Scout, who had just finished serenading the large, phone-carrying crowd with standard hits and a selection of her own music. Dressed in what was presumably Alice + Olivia, both looked pretty pleased with the overall vibe of the event and the clothes presented. “I love color: I love brightness,” Tallulah said. “For me, Alice + Olivia is all about that.