Chateau Gucci
Gucci held its Cruise 2019 fashion show on Wednesday near the ancient city of Arles, France. But it may as well have been on Sunset Boulevard.

The show by Alessandro Michele featured a shoulder bag with the Chateau Marmont logo, toted by a model on a (literal) fiery runway. Another model wore a beige crewneck sweatshirt with Chateau Marmont Hollywood printed in its medieval font. Because why stay in L.A. when you can go to France and see the same thing?

A shoulder bag featuring the logo from the
Attended by Elton John, the show at the Promenade Des Alyscamps cemetery showcased morbid motifs from candelabras to crosses to skeletons inspired by the crypts of the cardinals. Indeed, Chateau Marmont fit right in as it prides itself on its Hollywood lore filled with scandals, glamour and misbehavior. It hosts many industry events, including Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy parties.

It’s not the first time Michele has mined L.A. motifs. For spring 2017, he emblazoned T-shirts and jackets with “Hollywood Forever,” a reference to the famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery, final home to movie stars Douglas Fairbanks, Jayne Mansfield and Rudolph Valentino, director Cecil B. DeMille and punk rock guitarist Johnny Ramone. For spring 2018, he featured the Paramount Studios logo.